I'm a freelance developer from Salt Lake City.


Nice to meet you, I'm Tristan. I currently work as a freelance software engineer and UI/UX designer. I specialize in the development and design of websites and applications.

In my free time, I maintain and contribute to a few open-source projects. The most popular of which are Gofë and useUndoable.

Although my professional work is largely web-focused, I also spend a decent amount of time working on native computer programs and desktop or mobile applications.

Skills & Tooling


I write. Most of the time in code, some of the time in English.

On the Representation of Innovation

2 months ago

Pseudocode Innovation.

The Internet: An Extension of Google

3 months ago

Using Inspect Element. Literally.

On Realization

3 months ago

Maps & Destinations.

Write Maintainable Code the First Time

7 months ago

Clean. Modular. Simple.

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