Last updated: 19th May, 2022

TL;DR: You're anonymous as far as I'm concerned.

This website is owned and operated my me, one person. I don't show ads ("ads aren't cool") nor do I make money from this site. In addition, the source code is open source.

I do not ask for any of your information, and I do not want it.

I use Vercel to host this site because it makes my life easier. I cannot control what information they, as my web host, log; you'll have to check their privacy policy for information about that.

This site itself does not collect any information whatsoever.

I use localStorage occasionally to save your preferences and make your experience a bit more memorable. This information is saved directly in your browser and it is not sent to my servers. You can delete this information at any time by either clearing your browser cache and site data or by opening the developer tools and manually delting the "settings" row.

If you have any questions about the privacy practices of this website, feel free to reach out.

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